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Pluvius Insurance

What is pluvius insurance?

Pluvius insurance, so called after the Roman God of Rain, is without doubt one of the simplest forms of cover we offer. The policy pays an agreed amount of money to you should a specified amount of rain fall during a predefined period.

It is commonly used to protect against a decrease in event organiser revenue, resulting from a decrease in attendance.

more rain = fewer people turning up = fewer ticket sales / beers sold etc.

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Advert, Red or Green

The weather can make a material difference to your balance sheet and business cash flow, if the weather turns up instead of event goers. Click above for an illustration of what we are talking about.

Advert, Price of a Cloud 

We’ve chosen a friendly cloud for this exercise, but unfortunately, far worse ones can turn up on your event day. How much could a cloud cost your next event? Indoor events can often see an impact too, which can be protected.