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Australia exciting new online hole in one insurance platform- get covered instantly!

Hole In One Insurance

You know the power of a great golf day prize, from $10,000 to a Lamborghini.  Offer a $25,000 prize for as little as $500. Spoke’s quick, simple on-line hole in one insurance platform gets you covered instantly.

Looking for some prize ideas?  No problem, here are a few:-

  • Fancy car (or a cheap one if you prefer)
  • A beach-side villa (where most of us would rather be!)  
  • A speedboat or sailboat (with conditional lifetime invites?)
  • Jetski’s (for him and her)
  • A Euro vacation (Parlez-vous français?)
  • $1 million dollars (of hard cold cash)
  • A lifetime supply of dental treatment (thankfully most of our clients are not boring enough to choose this!)
  • Whilst your at it, why not give away an actual golf course?

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Hole in one car prize